Outraged reaction to Onion tweet on Oscar night

  1. The Twitterverse was up in arms Sunday evening after the 85th annual Academy Award ceremony, after The Onion referred to Oscar nominee Quvenzhané Wallis, 9, as a “c__t.” The tweet was taken down, and The Onion apologized Monday morning.
  2. Someone just sent me a screen shot of a tweet that went out from @TheOnion calling Quvenzhané Wallis the C-word. That is a pathetic tweet.
  3. Fire whoever tweeted that despicable nonsense. Also, apologize. @TheOnion
  4. Pretty sure the Onion should just go ahead and issue the apology now. Filth shouldn’t be directed toward a little girl.
  5. Really hope The Onion apologizes. Yes, I get satire. I’m a huge Onion fan. But this was way past the boundaries. She’s 9.
  6. Several commenters felt that Wallis was targeted because she is black.
  7. @BlkLibraryGirl @JAJohnson1 @theonion I bet they wouldn’t have said it if she was a little white girl.
  8. A reporter had the NERVE to tell Quvenzhané that she’ll start calling her “Annie.” You even wanna RENAME the girl. Yes, this is about color
  9. I am going 2 say this: if you are a black man (in particular), you have an F’ing responsibility NOT to be on the list of ppl claiming
  10. that this is harmless satire. STAND THE F UP for this black CHILD. I can’t believe that there’s a question that you might not.
  11. As ever, the accusation of racism provoked spirited debate.
  12. The word c*nt isn’t racist. The fact that @TheOnion would never use that word about a white child but did for Quvenzhané Wallis is. Got it?
  13. @ReignOfApril @TheOnion How do you draw the conclusion they would never use that about a white child? I kind of think they would.
  14. Because they’ve had their opportunity with other young white actresses like Dakota Fanning, Anna Pacquin, etc. @jamesthemellish @TheOnion
  15. Then I guess I’m pushing it. Problem? RT @stuffthatilike
    @jamesthemellish Yeah, anyone that makes this an issue of race is pushing it. Hard.
  16. You’re not about to tell me that @TheOnion bowed to public pressure & took down a tweet this ONE time after all of their filth. They know.
  17. @ReignOfApril @mkarolian It’s a race issue, Absolutely. Why? Because they KNEW it’d get more attention due 2 color. April is 100% correct
  18. This African-American commenter remarked that there isn’t a consistent standard in the black community about what is considered “over the line” in terms of blacks are portrayed in mass media. He pointed to the divided reaction over Spike Lee’s criticism of Quentin Tarantino’s “Django Unchained.”
  19. After half of us laughed at Wallis’ name, told Spike Lee like to go to hell, now we shocked somebody else got “too familiar”… @theonion
  20. @ReignOfApril it’s similar in that we thought it was cool to tell folk tryna be protective to back off… It opens up lanes like this.
  21. @BlackCanseco It’s one thing to make fun of Spike’s whining or some extra vowels in a name. It’s totally another to use that word on a child
  22. — David B. Wilkerson